Mountain House Chicken & Mashed Potatoes

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Back by popular demand and simplified for one-step preparation, enjoy chicken and creamy mashed potatoes seasoned with herbs and chives. Boasting homemade flavor, this delicious meal will curb your hunger and leave you thoroughly satisfied.

After a long day on the mountain, the last thing you want is to eat something dry, bland and unsatisfying. We've got the perfect antidote to bring 'ol trail mix: freeze dried chicken and mashed potatoes that tastes exactly like what your mama use to make. Made with the best ingredients on Earth, Mountain House Chicken & Mashed Potatoes gives you a blast of hearty, wholesome flavor that's guaranteed to fill your belly and leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Simply add hot water, and in just 7 minutes, indulge in this beloved comfort food straight from the pouch for ultimate convenience - no need for plates! Wherever your adventure leads, Mountain House's Chicken & Mashed Potatoes brings the comforting flavors of home along for the journey.

Packaging may differ, but don't worry, it's still the same great stuff inside!